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Announce a class reunion - 2

Dear Felix

Need a reason to lose 20 pounds? Are you just dying to go shopping for a new dress? Can't wait to get out of town and visit memory lane? Then get out your checkbook, fill out the attached form, and join us at the 30-Year Reunion of The Class of '72!

The reunion begins with a reception and dance at The Springfield Country Club at 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, December 25, 2002. On Saturday morning, if you are still standing, you can enter either a golf or tennis tournament. And it just gets better and better. But we need your registration first. Please complete the enclosed form and send it with a check for $50.00 to the attention of John Chris. If you have any embarrassing pictures of yourself or a classmate, don't hesitate to send them along. We will give them back to you at the end of the reunion.

As soon as we receive your registration, we will send you a packet containing further information, including where to stay, what to wear, how much weight to lose, etc. Come join the fun. It was a blast at 20 years. Think what it will be like at 30!!

Oh, and if you know where any of the following classmates are, please let us know so we can invite them too:  




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