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Welcome a new employee - 4

Dear Felix

We are pleased to welcome you as the newest member of the Johnson Corporation!

As we discussed in your interview, you will be the new sales manager, working under the direction of Doreya Johnson, the marketing director. On your first day Monday, March 1, I will introduce you to Doreya and the rest of the staff. You will also need to spend some time with the personnel director to fill out the necessary paperwork and sign up for the company benefits program. Please look over the enclosed Employee Handbook and become familiar with your benefit options. Chris can answer any questions you may have when you meet with him.

Also enclosed you will find a copy of your employment contract detailing the terms we discussed during your interview. Please review it carefully, and if you have any questions, call me immediately. If the contract meets with your approval, please sign it and return it in the enclosed envelope.

We are confident you will be an asset to the Johnson Corporation. Please don't hesitate to call if I can be of help, either now or after you begin your employment. We look forward to seeing you in a few weeks.




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