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Business Letters


Write a letter asking them to supply you with two references

Write a Letter of complaint about Non-payment of dues

Write a letter requesting them to send you the Pattern Book and Price list of their garments products.

Write a  letter sending the pattern Book and the price list of the garment products.

Write a Letter to order for books.

Acknowledgement of order and its execution.

Write a letter Expressing your inability to execute an order.

Write a letter asking for Trade reference.

Write a letter to a referee for status.

Write a  letter replying about a query for the status of a firm.

write a letter of Complaint regarding the supply of foods and defective packing

Write a letter replying to the query about a firm's financial status

Letter from a firm to another, offering Agency

Write a letter to the customer informing about the change of address.

Write a letter announcing the opening of a New Branch.

Write a letter announcing the appointment of a new Partner in the firm..

Letter asks a business person to recommend a contractor to do a specific job for your company.

Change in firm's Status.

Informing clients about termination of Services Salesman.

Appointing a new Traveling Salesman.

Change of Address.

Retiring From Business.

Acknowledgement of Cancellation of Backorder.

Acknowledgement of Change in Meeting date.

Acknowledgement of Merchandise Returned for Repair.

Acknowledgement of Notification of Lease Transfer.

Acknowledgement of Correspondence Indicating Postal Delay.

This letter is simply a measure to avoid being considered liable in any slander or libel judgment.

Apology & Proposal on over shipped Merchandise.

Apology for Accounting Errors and Past due Notices.

Correspondence demanding payment.

Request advertising Agency for Fee.

Inventions and ides Submissions.

Announcement of New Discount.

Apology for not Crediting Payment.

Apology for Poor Service rating on Customer Questionnaire.

Appointment for Employment Interview and Testing.

This Letter thanks a Business person who recommended a contractor that worked out very well.

Acceptance of order with delivery in Lots.

Acceptance of Purchase Security Agreement.

Acceptance of Resignation.

Acknowledged Receipt of Goods.

Acknowledgement from publisher, Comments Referred to Author.

Acknowledgement of Application.

Outline of a Business Letter.

Assignment of a Claim for Damages.

Assignment of Contract.

Complimentary letter to Employee on Handling of Difficulty.

Demand for Delivery.

This Letter asks a Colleague to recommend someone to fill a full - time position.

This letter thanks a Colleague for recommending someone for a permanent position whom you actually hired.

This Letter Accepts a local Business person's invitation to join the Chamber of Commerce.

This Letter Invites a Local Business person to join you at a chamber events at your company.

This Letter refuses a local business person's invitation to join the Chamber of Commerce.

This Letter tells a prospective company about the benefits of joining the local chamber of Commerce.

Letter of Resignation.

Displeased with Advertising agency Performance.

Request for Magazine Advertisement Fee.

Demand to Endorsers for Immediate payment.

To Prospective Client Enclosing Literature about Firm.

Thank You for press Exposure.

Terminating public Relations Firm.

To Prospective Client Following up on meeting.

Employment Letter

Discreet Letter of Resignation.

To Prospective Client following up on Meeting - Aggressive Tone.

Late Payment Cover Letter.

Letter of Appreciation to Employee.

This letter following up the first strategic alliance letter, assuming you've received no response to the first. it should address some of the more obvious concerns a potential alliance partner may have.

This Letter is from your business to another business suggesting that you work together to reach goals. it should offer teamwork, not dominance by one company.

This letter thanks your strategic alliance target for agreeing to a partnership.

This letter asks another Business to work with you to get better deals on printing, display advertising and other services.

This letter suggests to another local business that you organize a consumer focus group to listen to what your potential customers want.

This letter suggests to other similar corporations that you organize a focus group of industry vendors and clients to discuss their needs and concerns.

This letter asks another business to help plan a local promotional event. Be sure to highlight the promotional opportunities for the company.

Accept Request to be Interviewed by Press.

This letter simply asks a company in either a related industry or a competitor in a different part of the country to refer clients to you. To offer the same in return as incentive.

Announcement of Acquisition

This letter directs a colleague to refer a certain kind of client to another company.

Letter to the Employee informing about his Absent records which may cause to his Kobe termination.

Acknowledgement for the order placed.

Letter to the Supplier requesting for reschedule time.

Acknowledgement of Cancellation of Backorder.

Displeased with public Relations firm's Performance

Apology After Cancellation of order.

Letter Canceling Unfilled Order.

Reply Canceling Unfilled Order.

Mutual Cancellation of Lease.

Notice of Cancellation of Contract.

Notice to Cancel Enter Order.

Notice to Cancel Shipment of Back- Ordered Goods.

Notice to Employees of Bonus cancellation.

Letter of Resignation.

Letter of Resignation.

Letter of Resignation.

Letter of Resignation.



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